Funner, Faster, Greener, CLEANER Fast5Xpress update on COVID19

  During this great time of uncertainty Fast5xpress first priority is health and safety of our customers and team members.


  The Federal government has identified a list of essential sectors that should do their best to safely stay open during this time.
  As part of the Transportation Sector, Fast5Xpress will remain open during the COVID19 crisis. Fast5Xpress would like to let you know what we are   doing to keep you and our team members healthy and safe.

  • We have reduced our hours to 7am-7pm
  • Our team members voluntary come to work
  • Team members have increased their handwashing
  • We have applied social distancing 6’ between team members and customers
  • Employees are encouraged to wear gloves
  • We are offering a glove for customers who would like to use the vacuums
  • We are regularly wiping down all touchscreens and vacuum handles


  These changes are intended to comply with recommended CDC guidelines and have been validated by governmental officials. Other than home   and work, people spend more time in their vehicle than anywhere else. When people are in their car, they touch everything which leaves the real   threat of COVID19 staying and spreading to other passengers and users of the vehicle for days to come. As a preventative measure, people   should be regularly cleaning their vehicles. People need to keep their environments clean from the COVID19.